Sephora haul! #3

22 July 2014

Hi there everybody! How are y'all doing?!

So I have went to Sephora twice for the past week, and I've gotten hold of some new products (once again)!

I, errr, unfortunately forgot to take a photo of the products altogether that I will be showing you, but do not fret! I still have pictures! I have actually no idea of what am I saying lol. But anyway, let's start with....

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (that's a pretty long name) and the Tarte Airbuki Brush. I've got the shade Light-Medium Neutral and it says for "light to medium skin with yellow and pink undertones). As you may have noticed, I have Asian yellow medium skin but I do not have pink undertones... but that's okay. It's powder-based and there's a net in the foundation where you need to press your brush into it to get the foundation out. I'm not a powder-foundation kind of fan because I don't like using it at all as the term "powder" makes me feel like it won't stay on my face for long.

But this foundation changed my mind after watching essiebutton's video. I have been contemplating if I should get it for a few months because I've already had enough foundations (not to mention new make up products every month), but I have decided to get this last week and I have no regrets! It really does live up to its name "full coverage" but I definitely have to conceal my blemishes (which I obviously fail too).

I am in need of bronzer so... I got myself the Marc Jacobs Oimega Bronze - Perfect Tan Bronzer in the shade 102 Tantric because it was the only shade available in Sephora. The texture is smooth and there is a metal plate thing separating the bronzer from the mirror to prevent mess, and the size of this bronzer is basically bigger than my face! This is going to be a mad-love product for me.

Last but not least, I also need a pencil eyeliner to line my waterline (I only have liquid eyeliners) and I've heard quite some rave over this amazing product from my good friend Hazel, so I got myself the Urban Decay Waterproof Eye Pencil in Perversion. It's very thick in texture and of course, waterproof so it's super nice. I cannot wait to use this soon like omg!

Have you gotten any new products lately?

See ya,

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