What's In My Bag?

25 July 2014

As you may have noticed, I updated my header and yes.. I made it all by myself.. *applause yay*

You may have noticed a corgi on the right, which is my illustration that I have got from my own toy corgi as it is, one of my favourite breeds and I want it so badly! I mean, who doesn't want a cute, fat corgi?!

Okay, back to the topic... Today I'm going to blog about "What's In My Bag?". So, what is?!

The bag I'm currently loving is the Kate Spade Saturday - The Mini A Satchel in Pink. I got it when I was in Singapore and last day of shopping really can get you to buy anything.. gosh. Anyway this was about S$260 but it's really pretty, has 2 compartments with a leather calf separating them, and 2 big pockets (back and front), and I absolutely love it!

Inside my bag we have...

Some items are not available in my Luvocracy as I cannot find them *sobs*

For more info, please visit my Luvocracy's "What's In My Bag" collection!

Love, xo

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