Book: How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern

11 August 2014

Well well well, if you think that I am all about sappy love stories now...well yes, damn right you are.

I have read this book for like, how many months ago? I cannot recall when. Perhaps it was around April? Or was it May?

Cecelia Ahern is well known for love stories, and I love love stories. Yep, I am that kind of girl (Don't laugh at me now okay). And this, is not any other different kind of romance.

"How to Fall in Love" *cues the title*, well, how to fall in love?! It's not what you think. Nope.

If I can recall, it's about a woman who somehow, met a guy who was supposed to commit suicide and made a deal with him that if she could help him get his ex-girlfriend back (dramatic huh?), he wouldn't commit suicide the second time. (wait what!)

It's not about "how to fall in love", it's about how you appreciate the present moments which is also known as the present. Forget the past, move on from it. Learn to see clear what's in front of you instead of what you have missed. I think that was what I have learned reading this book.

Anyways, I love this kind of sappy romance but at the same time, funny and cute, which makes us have higher expectations on the standards..

'Tis a short post, but then, I just like to share what I read, ok? Ok.


Angeline xo

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