Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me"

30 August 2014

If you haven't hear about the YouTube-sensation violinist Lindsey Stirling, then now you have just hear it from me. I have been following her music for a few years, and I must say, I am pretty proud of her.

Lindsey is a violinist who plays dubstep violin (cool, eh? yes, she's very, very cool.), and I really do recommend you to listen to her music. The first song I have heard from her is her original from two years back, "Crystallize" (you can watch the video here), and now - we have yet to listen to her new (not really I guess) album "Shatter Me".

The album "Shatter Me" features 12 new original songs by the lady herself, but my favourite from the album is the song 'Master of Tides'. Here, you can watch the music video itself in which, I find it really cool. It's so Lindsey!

Yep, that's about it and if you like her, I recommend you to listen to her other songs, really. They're amazing. She's amazing! Among the songs, she has also made a cover of the song 'Radioactive' with another YouTube-sensation band Pentatonix - I think many people do know them, too.

I am not sponsored to write this post about Lindsey, but I do enjoy her songs myself so I thought I would share her music with you.

What's your favourite song from the album?

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