My Morning Skincare Routine

28 August 2014

My morning skincare routine is rather different than my evening skincare routine as I am always trying out new products, but recently I am sticking to a few products and this is only my morning routine. My skin has been slightly better when I use these products in the morning.

First, I cleanse my face with the Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refinishing Buff Cleanser. I came to know this cleanser through essiebutton, and I did not regret it! So thank you, Estée! Now, this cleanser is not available in my country so I had a friend to buy it in the States. It is a exfoliating scrub, but the beads are very tiny and they're not as big as the Vichy's one. It has a rosy sweet scent and I like to massage it on my face for about a minute or for as long as I want to. I like this product because the elements of the product soothes my angry, troubled skin. It is a very gentle scrub that brightens up and improves the radiance of my skin. I don't use this everyday (but since I am using it today so I have decided to show it to you) so I use it probably once or twice a week.

After cleansing, I will use a toner to cleanse my skin (once again) and also to shrink the appearance of my pores. I use the Laneige Sensitive Power Essential Skin Refiner. As my skin is very, very sensitive, this is the only toner I have been using for the past whole year. It is a refreshing skin refiner that purifies and softens my skin, it is also very hydrating for those who have dehydrated skin. It is colourless and fragrance-free so it just looks like water. I usually just pour an small amount of the toner on to a cotton pad and then I wipe my face gently with it.

Then I move on to moisturiser. I am using the Lancôme Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Day Cream. This is a new found love (not really) that I came across a few months ago when I received the sample from Sephora. I then decided to get myself the full size (50ml) and I have to say, it is very expensive for a small tube of this but I guess this is worth it. It is a milky-scent cream that brightens up your complexion and the texture is quite thick but very smooth when applied on the face.

I then move on to do my makeup or the daily chores depending on what am I doing on that day - I don't put serums or anything else after moisturiser in the daytime (I only put it at night).

What do you use for your morning skincare routine?

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