20 September 2014

Who's up for some Boots haul?! Well, let's just say I was feeling quite spendy yesterday as I have found Boots in Grafton Shopping Centre! So I got some stuff that I think are essential to me as I've not brought many things from home..okay.

I need a mirror, of course a pedestral one with the magnifying side and so I got myself the Boots Round Pedestral Mirror (£15)! I'll need this for doing makeup, duh.

I picked up this set of EcoTools Fresh & Flawless 5-piece Complexion Set (£11.99)! It features 5 limited edition designed brushes all meant for the face, and I find it so pretty! But yes, I do need some brushes too.

After hearing so much hype about the Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder (£7.99), I need to try it. And it looks like chocolate! I love chocolate, but unfortunately I can't eat this and I will have to make myself a cup of hot chocolate.. hmm. It is slightly shimmery and it smells like chocolate (mmm oh my!)!

And yes, foundation is a must-have. I have decided to get the Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation in 200 Soft Beige (£8.99). It has the anti-fatigue effect with radiant glow as well as an SPF of 15! It sinks right in to my skin when I tested it at the store, but I'll update you on that.

Last but not least, every girl needs some elastic hair ties.. so I got the Clear Elastics (£2.59). I hope I don't lose all 52 of them though.. seriously, where did most of my hair ties go?!

Alright, enough of Boots and shopping for now.

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