27 September 2014

I have always loved nail polishes but I quite suck at painting them on my nails, hence the mess. I don't always buy new nail polishes as I will usually stick to one colour (Dior's Mirage Nail Polish), but when I saw these two at Boots, I immediately have the urge to buy them; the problem is - I always let my heart win.

They are "Turquoise & Caicos" and "A List" by Essie and they're £8.99 each. Truth be told, I have never used any nail polishes by Essie before - simply because I couldn't find it in my hometown! And once I came to England I have just gotten head over heels over every single beauty product that I couldn't find back home.

I do have to admit that they're pretty expensive for such small sizes but their longevity is amazing and the texture is pretty thick. I did 3 coats of each colour on my nails and I am very happy with the results!

I'm keeping my posts pretty simple but I am open to any suggestions of how I can improve my writing, pictures and etc.

Which of the Essie nail polishes is/are your favourite(s)?

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  1. I loove Essie nail polishes! My favourite atm is Lilacism :) x


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