Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

12 September 2014

A few days ago, I've received a sample of this product and honestly, I can see the difference right after putting on the mask and I just had to get it in full size!

It is the GLAMGLOW SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask. It is very pricey ($69/£45) for a 1.2oz small jar, but I guess it's the quality that comes with the product.

Don't let the thick mud scare you, it's not that thick in terms of texture and consistency. It's pretty easy to apply on and it dries up very quickly! You only have to apply a thin layer onto your face and wash it off 10-15 minutes later. It also has this ingredient called Pore-Matrix™ that will reveal dots of vacuum extractions (wow, talk about high-tech!).

Its function is to draw out dirt and congestion that has clogged up your pores and to heal breakouts and zits (argh!) and leave the skin renewed, refreshed and clean. You can use as often as needed if you have breakout prone skin and it also works as a spot treatment other than a full-face mask!

Despite the price, I think it's a good investment but maybe I won't repurchase it again though, depending on my skin condition but for now, I will continue using it every night to monitor my skin and let it work its miracle.

Have you tried this mask? What do you think?

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