Moving In

18 September 2014

I've just landed yesterday in London and I've already moved to Cambridge and settled in with lots of shopping for household items as well as utensils for cooking and everything. I am very happy with my own room decor as I've set up everything on the first day moving in, so I've decided to write a post about my room..

In case you've been wondering, my room is en-suite - which means that I don't share my room or bathroom with my roommate because I don't have a roommate at all, I only have housemates. I am a person who likes to have her own privacy and you're talking about sharing the bathroom..? Hmm.

Well, I love my bed with florals because florals make me happy! And they're so pretty! Hmm excuse the not-so-tidied bed because the duvet is quite big itself.. and spot Marley the Corgi! *How I wish I can have a real corgi..*

The shelves above my desk.. some easy access to grab drinks and also my part of my makeup collection with some nail polishes and masks.

My wardrobe! I'm surprised that of so many clothes I've brought here, my wardrobe still has so much space! And yes, that's another part of my makeup collection there - in my wardrobe.

And.. my bathroom. It's small and simple, not many stuff I can put here. My skincare essentials, contact lenses and shampoo and conditioner. And also my shower gel!

So yep, this post won't be anything about beauty or skincare.. but I'd love to share with you of my new room setup! And I hope you enjoy this post!

What's your experience of moving in?

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