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9 September 2014

Come on, who doesn't love a good read? I find myself in love with collections of books, or song albums, or DVDs - I have a whole cupboard of them. So, I'm a sucker for buying these books! And I am actually surprised that this year, I read more than I usually do!

I really have no idea how am I going to finish reading these books in one week. I'm so shocked at myself buying so many books two weeks before flying off, knowing that I would not be able to carry these books with me.

First off, we have "Rain" by Virginia Bergin - I am sure this is the first book of its series. I stumbled upon this book when I was shopping for stationery(ha!) to stock up for university, and guess who got absorbed into buying books too? Me. Anyway, it's dystopian fiction where a drop of the rain will just kill you. Whoever that touches the rain or uses the water to wash their hands or to shower, they die. The raindrop is fatal. The review is 3.4 out of 5, so I guess it's pretty good? Yep, should be.

Then, of course, Giver by Lois Lowry - the first book of the Giver Quartet. I am sure many are aware of the book as it is now a major motion picture. I watched the movie after I bought the book because.. I didn't have enough time to read it. After watching it, I find myself willing to know what's in the next book. So, I got myself the eBooks too.

Of course, everybody is familiar with the Maze Runner Series by James Dashner. The now-a-major-motion-picture trailer has attracted many, many readers to get the books and that sucker includes me. The movie is not out yet, but I'm sure many are eager to see it because of the actors.. but not me. I want to see it because of the storyline and how the movie depicts the book. I am actually quite sad as my "Maze Runner" book is not the original ike the other three, argh!!

The Testing Series is somewhat a similar fiction compared to the Hunger Games trilogy and also the Divergent series. Or should I say, it seems like a combination of both? Sorry if I am wrong, but the description does sound a tiny bit like it. I haven't read the books, so I cannot say much about them.

I think I should just get the eBooks for all of them. Really.

Got any reading recommendations?

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