Of Fragrances and Florals

5 September 2014

I have to admit, I really am a shopaholic. Who could deny buying a perfume?! These perfumes have been in my collection since the last year (and also this year) and I am always having a dilemma on which perfume to put on today or tomorrow.. Needless to say, I always take my time deciding on using one and these are the perfumes I use most.

1. Florabotanica by Balenciaga (50ml, £53)
This beautiful fragrance was acquired in May 2013 when I was in Singapore (again), I couldn't resist the scent! I know Kristen Stewart is the ambassador of the fragrance and that was why I knew about this.. I needed to get this! It has floral and green facets, and it makes you feel more... chic and girly, but also with style and class. It has a long-lasting power so even when you get home and shower after a long day of wearing the perfume, it'll still be staying on your wrist or wherever you've sprayed it on.

2. Eaudemoiselle eau Florale by Givenchy (50ml)
I have purchased this about last week and I have written a blog post about this perfume, you can read it here. Sadly, it was not available anymore on Selfridges or ShopStyle as it is a limited edition perfume.

3. Flora by Gucci (75ml, $103)
I was gifted by my mum with this perfume as she thinks it's too youthful for her, and I have to say: this is amazing! This fragrance is inspired by gucci's iconic flora pattern; it has a sensual and intense flowery fragrance with top notes of citrus mandarin accords and peony and also heart notes of rose and osmanthus flower. It also has a long staying power but is not as long lasting as the Balenciaga's.

4. Victoria's Secret Angel Gold (75ml, $59)
This fragrance was launched around the same time when Victoria's Secret was launched last year July in my city, and I've gotten myself the box set which also has included a travel sized perfume, a body lotion as well as a shower gel. Even up until now, I kept the lotion and bath gel away as I am so indulged in the fragrance. It is a fruity floral fragrance and the packaging shows a pair of wings that will make you soar your wings when you put on this fragrance. Super long staying power!

What's your favourite fragrances? What kind of fragrances do you like?

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