Primark: Sleepwear Edition

19 September 2014

On my second day of moving in, I've already gotten so hooked with Primark. Today, I went to shop for sleepwear because I need it to keep myself warm during winter (tsk, excuses!) and look what I've got!

On my first day of arrival (which was yesterday), I've set my eyes on this pair of sleepwear - it's a fluffy sleeping/snuggling twosie sweater with a pair of fluffy sweatpants, all made for sleeping! It features a sleeping face of a fox with a statement "Feeling Foxy". It's so warm and comfortable and fluffy that I hugged it when I first saw it. I didn't give it much thought yesterday but today I've decided to buy it! It's only £12!

Another pair of item essential for sleepwear (well, not really) is the pair of comfy fluffy slippers! It's £4 per pair. Fantastic price, eh? I have no idea why but today I am all for fluffiness! Perhaps it's the weather?

Are you feeling all snuggly yet? I sure am!

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