24 September 2014

"Feel the confidence of flawless skin" - YSL

I was window shopping (ahem) at John Lewis yesterday and then I came across this beauty.

It is the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation (£30.50). After reading some reviews especially by Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, I was curious and I had to try this.

The girl at the counter was very friendly and she tried to match a shade to fit my skin colour (I got the shade BR50 - Rose Beige) and then I realised that it sinks right into my skin! It was on a 20% off discount so I got for £24.90 which is a pretty good price.

It is a super, super lightweight liquid foundation that is so light on your skin that you don't even feel like you've got foundation on but also full coverage which is pretty amazing for such a lightweight foundation, don't you think? The coverage was pretty good for me but I do have to add a tiny bit of concealer for my troubled skin though.

It's super long lasting as it can last up to 24 hours where you don't have to retouch or reapply your foundation. It has a bit of alcoholic smell but I think it is more of salicylic acid and it has a serum that protects your skin as well. It also gives you a matte finish but of course, you can add some highlighter on needed areas.

It has a funny, cute and small applicator though but I think it was a good idea for a foundation. In general, I love this foundation. Really. I have been wearing this and it is really long lasting, guaranteed.

Have you tried this foundation?

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