16 September 2014

Look at these amazing YSL Lip Stains! Don't tell me you're not hooked.. seriously! How can you not love them? They are the Yves Saint Laurent Vernis À Lèvres Lip Stains!

Well? Want to know more? Keep on reading!

The colours are according to the position of the lip stains:

07- Corail Aquatique
A beautiful peachy/coral colour, amazing for summer and winter looks!

09- Rouge Laque
A must-have shade according to the YSL website, also known as the bold red rocker shade in which I find the most bad-ass shade for every lady! It has a yellow undertone but it's the most famous colour that every girl would wear. Rock on that red lip!

10- Rouge Philtre
A darker and also more neutral version of the 09 shade. A bold but safer shade!

12- Coral Fauve
As per the name, it's coral! And pink! And peachy! 

104- Fushchia Tomboy*
*This, ladies, is from the Rebel Nudes collection. I have no words for this shade, I mean, it looks so gorgeous!

These lip stains are made to give you a gloss and also a stain but at the same time moisturise your lips that gives you the lipstick as well! Although, I have to admit that it has a smell...like wine or some sort. I can't put the name.. oh, and it's long lasting as well!

Anyway, I think by the time this post is up, I will be on my flight to England already..and yes, I cannot wait! But I thought I'd write a post before I fly? Perhaps to just share with you these lovely products!

Have you tried these lip stains? Which is your favourite? Mine is the 09 Rouge Laque, of course!

You can buy the lip stains here and here.

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