15 November 2014

I found a bigger Superdrug store the other day and I went in thinking that I wouldn't come out with anything, but hey.. this happened. Yes, this post is targeting about the new launches by YouTubers Zoe (Zoella), Tanya Burr (Tanya Burr) and Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends).

I am no professional YouTuber or beauty blogger, but I really do adore the brands and products that the well-known YouTubers/beauty bloggers create.

Zoella Beauty -
Zoe's brand new beauty line (ZOELLA BEAUTY) is where I have found myself looking for whenever I go to Superdrug. The Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag (£8) that I was contemplating about getting when I was battling myself with the Guinea Pig's but I chose this because I really like Zoe's eyes. It's suitable to be used as a pencil case or a makeup bag, which I find it to be pretty medium for its size! I also got myself the Soak Cream Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream (£5), which smells heavenly divine! Its ingredients include Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe extracts. The Creamy, Madly, Dreamy Body Lotion (£5) which features the same ingredients as the shower cream is going to top my body lotions/butters list, because my skin feels so smooth after using it!

Tanya Burr -
Tanya has recently launched her beauty line which features false lashes! I didn't get any of them because I don't really wear false lashes much and the individual lashes are sold out at the Superdrug that I was browsing at. Don't get me wrong, her false lashes are really lovely, it's just my personal preference that I don't wear false lashes much simply because I find it hard to put it on myself. Anyway, I got the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Vampire Kiss (£6.99) and also the Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Penguin Chic (£5.99). The lipgloss smells like sweet cherry, and the texture is not that glossy as I've expected and the colour is gorgeous...what more can I say? I love it! The nail polish has a thick texture and I personally think that it's a very nice colour to wear!

Ruth Crilly -
Ruth is the most recent beauty blogger and YouTuber to have launched her new dry shampoo line - COLAB. I bought the COLAB Sheer Invisible LONDON Classic Fragrance Dry Shampoo (200mL - £2.32) and also the PARIS Floral Fragrance Dry Shampoo (50mL - £1.32), because I wanted to try both of them and I couldn't decide which one to get! I love both the classic and floral fragrances, and they're super affordable so yeah... You rock, Ruth!

What more can I say? These ladies are amazing! I don't know them personally but I'm sure I'd adore them if I do (as if I don't already by just watching their videos!), I'm glad that I get to try out these products that they've created, and I hope everyone does too! YOU GIRLS ROCK!

Have you tried any of these beauty lines yet? Which of the products is your favourite?

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