12 December 2014

As you all may have known that I'm a fan of Amelia Liana, and I've decided to attend her meet up at Space NK in London. So after my lectures, my friend and me, Belita, have took the train to get to London just to meet her!

The event was on the 10th of December and it started at 6:30pm and we arrived at the queue outside of Space NK at Hans Crescent right on the dot at 6pm. We got ourselves a ribbon wristband just to make sure that we were queueing up for the meetup. We were offered finger food like tiny smoked salmon with cream cheese bagel, fish and chip, chicken skewers and also some champagne! And after waiting and queueing for an hour and a half, we finally got to talk to her!

Boy, was Amelia lovely! She's very down to earth, and she's one of the loveliest people I've ever met! Despite of her fame as a YouTuber and beauty blogger, she's friendly, nice and she speaks more like a friend than a famous person, and that's what I love about people!

We chat about we came from Cambridge for her meet up and she was so surprised! I told her that I was the one tweeting her about the meetup and she remembered me! I told her that I have a beauty blog and she asked me to tweet her my blog link! Oh yay!

She also got distracted by my nails while we were talking and we even talked about food! I've included her in my vlogmas and she was just so happy. She also vlogged about Belita's yellow coloured polaroid in which we took pictures with her as well.

It was amazing meeting her in person and I had fun in London as well! You can see me featuring her in my #vlogmas below!

Have you met Amelia before? Which YouTubers have you met?

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