27 December 2014

I think you guys who have been reading my blog for quite a while have known that what products I usually use for my night time (evening) skincare routine and I have actually featured a very spontaneous video about it (using Photobooth on a friend's Mac)...
First, I remove my makeup with this holy grail product right here, the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£3.32) with at least two cotton pads and it removes all stubborn waterproof makeup and it doesn't strip my skin off like so many other cleansing waters/oils do.

Next thing I do is applying toner with another clean cotton pad on my face and I'm using the Lush Tea Tree Water - 250g (£7.95) which is my current favourite toner. I don't usually use products containing Tea Tree oil/extract because the last time I used a product with tea tree extract, it broke my skin out horrendously.
 After a thorough cleanse, I put on a face serum and this is one of the recent best finds I've discovered this year - it's the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial (£45), I know I've been saying that I was so afraid of using any facial oils/serums but this is one that I needed to try out and I never turned back. I've written a review about this and you can read it here. I then put on moisturiser like none other, one of the only moisturisers that work on me is the Clinique Dramatically Different (DD) Moisturising Gel - 125ml (£30). I use only small pump because I have a small face so a little goes a long way.
I know that I've forgotten to include these two in the main photo, but I then dab some Effaclar Duo+ by LaRoche-Posay (£15.50) to target my very stubborn blemishes as I've been sleeping pretty late these days (many thanks to the effects of having long holidays). The last step was to put on some lip balm before I head to bed, and I use the classic Vaseline Lip Balm (£2.18) and it comes in a small tin like most lip balms would and I think this is one of the only lip balms that work on me.

I also did a very spontaneous skincare routine video so here it is:
(Apologies to the bad lighting & everything and the funny thumbnail, YouTube won't change it!)

How do you do your evening skincare routine? What's your favourite skincare product?

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