1 January 2015

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! People usually go for the cheesy quotations, like "new year, new me" and whatnot, right? Well, for me, I'm tossing that kind of mindset aside. It's time to really make up your mind and decide on what you really want to do this year. Realistically, this is what we call the New Year Resolutions.

I know I'm not much of an experienced blogger in the blogging world, but 20 years of living has taken quite a toll on me the past year: going through a breakup, moving to another country 6533 miles away from home, learning new things in a different environment with different cultures... the list goes on. But let's not dwell in the past and focus on what's really important and what we want to achieve this year.

» Be more personal, frequent and engaging while blogging. I know I've just started blogging not too many months ago, and I thank every one of my readers (or if you happen to just stumble across my blog) for reading and come this far with me. I want to be more personal with you guys, in terms of when I write about anything, I want you guys to feel how I feel. I might also come up with a new layout for my blog, although I like it simple like this. I also have to improve in photography-wise, to be more enthusiastic when I talk about something I love, like passion. I also will post once a week like I always do, sometimes twice a week if I can. And also, my posts will go up at 6:30am GMT!

» Make videos, write more. 
I think this is somewhat but not related to the first resolution I've written. I want to make videos, but I'm camera shy. I'm trying not to anyway, and I've already posted up quite a few videos in the past few months actually, so if you want me to do videos too, please let me know! As I want to make videos, I also want to write more. More posts, more topics!

» Know your priorities. The reason I had such a fallout almost one year ago was because of my priorities being wrong. Yes, they were wrong. I know that I should've focused on what I should be doing, it was because of the wrong priorities I had. I put my family, friends, religion (I'm a Christian) and studies behind my love life, and it was wrong. So, I need to think twice before I make any big decisions - I didn't regret coming to the UK, in fact I'm very pleased and happy here! *big big twirl for Angie* I know sometimes I feel like a full-time blogger rather than part-time where I just sit here in front of my laptop for hours non-stop, I know I can do this while I'm on a break, but when it comes to studies I'll need to get my priorities right.

» Exercise & eat healthier. I've been going to the gym for the past few months ever since I came here, and I noticed a big difference compared to myself before, mostly healthier and toned. It's not that I don't exercise when I was back home, but I was so indulged in catching up on TV shows and staying home because I was having a long break from college, and also we drive everywhere unlike (mostly) everyone here, walking everywhere! I also eat whatever that I feel like to eat and thanks to my high metabolism I don't gain much weight, but I know I need to start on a healthier plan, so cutting off junk food is a must.

» Ditch the spending habit. I know that because I'm a beauty blogger, I tend to spend a lot of money on beauty and skincare products, sometimes I bulge buy, and it's not healthy. I'm cutting down a lot of spendings - no more everyday Starbucks, no more clothes (my wardrobe is exploding!), no more buying things that I don't have space for. So if I don't blog much about beauty/skincare, you know why. But don't worry, I'll gather what I need to try out, and wouldn't be spending on unnecessary items.

» Study harder. Yes, studies! I'm currently in university and it's tough, tougher than what I expect it to be. I know that soon assignments and exams will flood up my schedule, but I'll need to prioritise what's more important at the time. Do more research, write better essays, study harder.

» Guard your heart. But above all else, guard your heart, for it determines the course of your life - Proverbs 4:23. This may sound religious, but I'm saying to protect yourself. I've been the person to always being too sensitive and hot-headed, that I need to guard my heart. I'm not saying that not to fall in love for the year, but get into friendships, make more friends - guarding your heart doesn't mean you need to be aware about being hurt by romantic relationships, but also friendships. Friends come and go, and keep close to those who stay.

» Get out from your comfort zone. Yes, we're always afraid to step out from our comfort zone, our own little bubble always seem to be so safe. But it's time to step out of it to experience new things. I stepped out from mine last year and I moved to another continent 6533 miles away from home and hey, it's really not that bad! Whether it's about moving to another country, facing your own fears, or anything, anything at all - step out from it. The world is a beautiful place, don't let your past hold you back from greater things.

If I keep on writing I'll be writing an essay, so I think I'll stop here, so these are what are most important for my New Year Resolutions. This is the first time I've been *quite* personal, hopefully I'll be able to open up better in the blogging world.

This week I'll be posting another on Monday (5th January) as I'll be flying to Belfast on Tuesday the 6th! Be sure to keep an eye out *inserts eye emoji*.

What are your new year resolutions?

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