15 January 2015

Recently for the past year I have been alone all my own. No, I still go out on girly dates with my ladies; and yes, I have friends. But what I mean is that, I like having my alone time, and here's why.

I mentioned that I want to become more personal with my readers in my New Year's Resolutions post, and I also came to realisation when I was sitting alone at Starbucks reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please that: I love being alone.

✧ I can do something that I love. Yes, sometimes just because you love doing something it doesn't mean that others love it the same way you do, and that's okay. Being alone has given me more time and opportunity to do something I love, like walking around the town on my own, watching people (oh creep), writing, or listen to songs that might sound odd to others. Since I'm a psychology student, I like to research on weird things and watch videos of them for explanations.. blah blah.

✧ I enjoy reading and I like to do it at caf├ęs. This may not come across as something uncommon, as I'm aware of many people love doing this. I guess it's how you can take a sip of coffee or hot chocolate while you read at a place where it's full of strangers doing the same thing that you do. For my case, I love hot chocolates - I'm addicted to it! My current favourite is Starbucks' Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate, but sadly I think that they're taking it off as it's a seasonal drink.

✧ It makes me realise who I am, again. I love being around friends; basically I just like being surrounded by people. But sometimes when I am alone on my own, I get to find myself again. Find myself loving something I used to love, or discover something that I've never realised that I like. Being on my own has enabled me to remind myself of who I am; my flaws, my strengths, that's one of the reasons I love having my alone time.

✧ It makes me relaxed and calm. Sometimes when you're stressed out - whether it's from university or work, you tend to get frustrated and hot-tempered, am I right people?! I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when I get frustrated or stressed out, I like to stay in my room and just do nothing... well, probably something. Usually I'd watch one of my favourite films (in this case, it's Gifted Hands) or read a book, and I find it relaxing that I could be calmed by just having my alone time!

✧ Everyone needs their alone time. I understand that sometimes when people are busy, they'd need their own privacy and alone time too. My mother has always been a big fan of horror and sci-fi movies, and sometimes when she watches them she would ignore me (haha mum!), but of course I still love her more every second of my living life *inserts super big love emoji*. And that's okay too, we're all humans, sometimes we love being around people but we also need our own alone time too.

Writing posts like these has lifted my mood so much! I think I should write more posts like these, what do you think?

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