23 February 2015

I know this is a late review of the book-adapted film series The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One since it came out last November, and I've seen this when it came out but hear me out folks...

I have been loving the Hunger Games books and also the film series (although I didn't like the first one's one very shakey scene but I still love it), but since Mockingjay Part One's Digital HD has been released about a week ago, I thought I'd share with you of how I think of the movie as compared to the book.

I really like most of how the movie has been depicted just as been written in the book, although Effie's appearance supposedly to be later on appearance was being brought forward and I think it's great that they did it because I'm sure Katniss would want to see her as soon as possible as well.

I also adore the casting of the new characters, like President Alma Coin portrayed by Julianne Moore, Boggs (President Coin's right-hand man) by Mahershala Ali, Cressida by Natalie Dormer, Messalla, Castor and Pollux; I think the casting director did a really good job that these actors/actresses have portrayed their characters so well, and actually it's by far better than what I've expected!

Before seeing the film I was wondering where would they cut the movie into half as it's obviously been split into two films and of course, the book alone has had so many things happening in 390 pages, it didn't disappoint me as well. I'm more than happy to see the ending like this because I don't want any more of the scenes to be put in as I'm sure many fans will be bawling their eyes out by the time they see Peeta's hijacked scene.

The movie brought me to tears most of the time as it was so well presented - the air raid drill scene was honestly my favourite scene from the whole movie, it showed how worried Katniss was about her sister Prim (well of course, the bombing was coming).

I'm really anticipating the second part of the film! What do you think about the movie? Has it lived up to your expectations compared to the book?

If you like me writing more reviews of comparing books to film like this, please let me know!

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