12 February 2015

I was invited by Jamie's Italian Cambridge* to dine at with their amazing dishes yesterday and I gotta say that I love the place so much! If you're a Jamie Oliver fan, you'll love this place - which is also just in time for you to dine in at for Valentine's Day! *Get ready for the overloading pictures of food!*

I was booked at 6pm and it was located in what seemed to be a free library previously here in Cambridge, which was a very elegant building from the outside and the interior just blew my mind away - I felt like I went back in time! I went with a good friend of mine and it was an amazing evening, I had the best food I've ever had in Cambridge (not exaggerating!).

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by this lovely lady (and many thanks for allowing to snap a picture of you!) and I was soon escorted to another world where worlds of both class and casual meet. Okay, that sounds really odd but it was really what I thought!

Of course, we were seated in a table-for-two right under the dome of the building and it was very, very cosy - the floors, chairs (some of them) and the tables are all wooden, which make them look even cosier than they already are! On the menu, it's the typical big-menu but so many different varieties to choose from! The interior is just elegantly classy yet casually cosy.

See what I mean, guys? It's really, really beautiful and a very lovely place to whether dine in with your loved one, family or friends - it's really best of both worlds of food and place.

From the menu, I wouldn't start without an appetiser. And because I was craving for fried finger food, Pork Scratchings is the one I picked. Look at that! I mean, how can you not be tempted?! I was so hungry that I practically ate half in less than 5 minutes! I'm even craving for this right now!

My friend always has a good taste in food so she had the Turkey Milanese accompanied by a Homemade Lemonade; where I was a bit more of a steak-eater (I sound really scary) so I had the 10-oz Bone-in-Rib Steak alongside with portobello mushrooms and amazing chips, with a drink of my favourite colour and it's called Berry Blast! Talk about berries and me hey! The food was - let me tell ya, one of the best I've ever had in my life.

What's a meal without dessert too, seriously? If you don't eat dessert after your main meal, you're dining the wrong way! I'm just kidding, but I can't live without desserts haha, so I took my dessert to a whole new level of love where, this, the Almafi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake has slayed me. Totally. This is by far as well, one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had!! Ahhh!!! Take me back to the cheesecake now *inserts big love eyed emoji*!

In overall and in all honesty, I really had a great time enjoying my dinner time at Jamie's Italian here in Cambridge! The restaurant's interior is breathtakingly beautiful, the service was really efficient and the staff members are amazingly funny and friendly (thanks for posing for me you guys!) - a perfect place to dine in at!

Many thanks to Jamie's Italian for inviting me and I had an amazing experience and the good food have been the death of me haha! I'm now a happy girl and I will visit again soon! Check out the locations available here.

Have you been to any of Jamie Oliver's restaurants? I'll be dreaming of the food tonight...

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