2 February 2015

On one fine random day, I've decided to do a detox smoothie (or more like a healthy smoothie) and here's how to make a good kale and banana smoothie using almond milk!

I know, I was being random and taking good pictures aren't really my thing (seriously though), but I made it my lunch - which was a really bad idea because I ended up getting really hungry so I'd recommend this to be a drink accompanied with perhaps a healthy meal, eg. omelette(?).

Okay, so here's the amazing recipe!

1 x cup of almond milk
1 x banana
1 x handful of kale
1 x blender

What you're gonna do in the first step is to chop the kale into fine bits. Like literally, fine bits. And also (peel first and then) cut the banana into a few pieces to allow better blending.

Now, let's move on to blending after you've done with cutting both the kale and banana!

And voila, you're done! One fine glass of kale and banana smoothie! For me who doesn't really enjoy fruit and veg smoothies, this was a bit hard for me to chuck it down as I prefer more of only fruit smoothies. But I think I'll make more of these, and it's healthier too!

Enjoy and do let me know in the tweets or comment below if you've tried this recipe! Do you have any healthy fruit smoothie recipes that you're currently enjoying?

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