6 February 2015

Now you may have heard of the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial, but do you know that it has a sister? Yes, we now have the morning version of the raved overnight facial serum - the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial.

I purchased the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial when I was traveling in Belfast a month ago and it took me a month to experiment with this before I write an upfront honest review of the beautifully scented facial oil - no, it doesn't include any amazing scent, but they do include Argan oil and rosehip oil acting as their active ingredients.

This morning serum acts as a wake-up call for your skin and provides you a healthy glow to start off your day. It also hydrates your skin while boosting radiance at the same time and while it is easily absorbed, the texture isn't as thick to make you feel like you have an extra layer of oil on your skin.

While I used this in the morning alongside the Overnight Facial at night, I find my skin more hydrated and radiant compared to about two months ago. My skin is plumped, hydrated and looks healthier than I was. Sure, I still have stubborn blemishes and scars, but the scars fade quicker than it did, I'm guessing it was the oils working.

I was afraid to try out facial oils - the fear of my skin breaking out because of using the wrong product haunts me now and then after using these two facial oils, my skin feels more radiant and healthy.

If you've read my posts in the past few months you'd have known that I was a scaredy cat to try out facial oils, but do not fear, this product is just another holy grail that I would keep on using. It's pricey at £46, but I think it's worth it if works for you.

Have you tried this before?


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