16 February 2015

It might seem nothing to those who have perfect vision, but as a glasses-wearer and also contact-lens-wearer, I find myself looking for ways to keep up with my eyecare (droppers and whatnot) and also trying to get enough sleep so that I don't strain my eyes etc.

But you know, it's always not the case. I wear contact lenses every day -  from after shower in the morning until an hour before I go to sleep, it's not a good thing for my eyes and also myself. My vision could get worse and has been over the past years. Here are some eyecare resolutions I need to stick to.

Wear glasses more often. Like I've mentioned, I'm more like full-time contact lenses wearer, and I always think that I look better in contacts, so I also need to move that negative thought aside and ditch my contacts to embrace my nerdy look ;)

Take care of my eyes. This means less time looking at computers, phones and tablets. I need to dedicate more time than I already do on my studies and non-tech stuff! And also roll my eyes to exercise 'em before I sleep!

Get my eyes tested every few months. Honestly I don't really remember the last time my eyes were being tested, and I really need to get 'em checked as soon as I can.

Sleep 8 hours and early. I know, I go to bed at 1 in the morning, and I don't like it. I need to go to bed earlier and get enough sleep - that way I also could allow enough rest for my eyes and the rest of my body.

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What are your ways of taking care of your eyes?

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