9 March 2015

Maybe once every month I will be mentioning of the bloggers that I really look up to and adore, I hope it doesn't backfire like my wishlist (because they're almost the same!), and I would love to share with you of the bloggers that I adore this month!

Be warned that they're not in any order but a random one!

Elena from Glowing Fair has been a blogging buddy to me (one way or another) since probably about months ago(?), she always leaves cute and supportive comments and I'm really happy to get to know of her blog as well: her blog is amazing, she takes amazing pictures and writes so passionately and I think she's really cool - she also writes in both English and Spanish! Would love to get to know more about her if I can. Keep up the great work, Elena!

If you have been reading my blog, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Estée from Essie Button. I adore her quirkiness and humour, she's funny yet she's so classily chic and elegant, you know what I mean? I mean, I loved her posts, videos and her vlogs with Aslan and Reggie! I would love to meet her someday at a blogger meet-up or something, but I hope that dream would come true one day!

I also happen to love Amelia from Amelia Liana (previously known as Liana Beauty), alongside with Estée and I've actually met Amelia once at a meet-up and she was a cutie! She's down to earth, adorably cute and she's very funny! I would love to meet her again someday (hopefully with Estée as well!). She's one of the youtubers I will never stop watching, seriously have you watched her talk?! She's just so cute!

Grace from That Grace Girl is a wonderful lady from Manchester and I stumbled upon her blog while I was scrolling through A Little Opulent, and her pictures are brilliantly taken! She's engaging in her posts and I just love her style of writing. She replies comments with enthusiasm and she's very friendly! She also rocked the bold red lip if you haven't noticed already and I love that!

Gyudy's Notes of Beauty has featured many beautiful pictures with in-depth reviews. An Italian, Gyudy writes her posts in both English and Italian, which is pretty cool as well!! I found her blog on another's blog which I can't remember who but I'm glad I did - Gyudy's reviews are so honest and in-depth!

I'll just stick to mentioning four bloggers in one post and maybe increase when I found more? If you like me writing posts like this, please let me know! I would love to know what you think!

Who are your favourite bloggers this month?

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