13 March 2015

I get it, everyone gets stressful, whether it's from work, studies (exams or assignments piling up), or anything else - I'm here to help, don't worry. Frankly to speak, I've been slightly stressful for the past few weeks. Stress is a 'weapon' to make you lose yourself sometimes, but don't give in to it, please.

Again, I've mentioned that I want to be more engaging in writing when I wrote my New Year's Resolutions and I'd like to stick to that, in all honesty. And I've been stressful lately, so I want to share with you of how I cope with stress and hopefully you can, too.

Just take a break. I know, sometimes when work or schoolwork is piling up, you just don't have a minute to breathe. I'm not asking you to give up on your work completely, but just take a break: watch a film, read one chapter or two of a book you'd been wanting to read, have a sip of tea (or hot chocolate in my case sometimes). These will certainly help you calm yourself down and it will make you feel more relaxed when you come back to continue with whatever you're supposed to be doing.

Eat something. I know I'm a food lover, and I think when I'm stressed I would tend to grab some snacks, and I'm not sure if anyone else does the same as me, so I'd recommend you to try this one out when you're feeling stressed! To me, it comes down to eating!

Get some fresh air. I think getting some real 'fresh air' is necessary when one is feeling stressed, and I'd take walks when I get stressed just to relax for a bit before I head back and face whatever I was doing. Whether it's walking around the park nearby or just taking a walk elsewhere,

Let it out. Sometimes (or most of the time) when you're stressed, you want to let all your frustrations out, and most people tend to let it all in instead... which is really unhealthy. Let it all out, whether it's alone somewhere, or talk to a close friend or family member; just like my post on Why Is It Okay to Not Be Okay, I talk about why you need to let out - it just makes you feel so much better.

How do you cope with stress? I hope you're all well, and have a good weekend!

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