23 April 2015

Oh no no no, it's not a collaboration if that's what you're thinking.. I know it's spring but I do like myself darker shades of nail polishes [my skin isn't pale enough for pretty spring colours *sobs], so I've used both Barry M and Essie polishes to make a pretty colour...

I've paired up Essie's Bobbing for Baubles with Barry M's Masquerade, in which Bobbing for Baubles is a navy blue with grey undertones and Masquerade's a beautiful glitter to make your nails look oh so galaxy!

I actually might top Masquerade off with a pretty bright red sometime soon... although I like this galaxy colour on my nails but I think I'd love myself some bright pretty colours!

I do realise that I love to transform my nails in different and odd combinations but hey, I love myself some weird colours and because experimenting is fun [although they can become a disaster and I've done some myself... shhhh]!

Have you tried any of these yet? What are your favourite combinations of nail colours?


A x
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