4 April 2015

Sometimes I read very quickly when I'm in the mood and for the past week, that was me and I've managed to finish reading this book, which has taken me by surprise.

The Girl on the Train is what I'd call a thriller. I really think that the writing style is rather unique and I let my emotions run in the book, when I thought it was centred around a couple or a certain someone being stalked - never did I know that I was so, so wrong.

It was about Rachel, a woman in her thirties, divorced, alcoholic, unemployed, and while lying to her flatmate that she was still commuting to work at a certain train time every day, she went from a nobody to a somebody who watches a pair of couple whom, in her mind, should be perfect and beautiful and happy, becoming a witness in a betrayal where she also became one of the most important people in a crime happened later on.

Rachel is divorced to her now ex-husband Tom, who is happily married to Anna with a baby girl named Evie, and Rachel is still not over Tom after two years that she was divorced after finding out that Tom had cheated on her with Anna. At first you may think that why is Rachel even a person?! I felt like I wanted to help her (as if I can) to give her a wake-up call that she should just forget about him!

Commuting to work every day, she watches this house that is a few houses down to her old home with Tom (who still lives there with Anna) that this pair of couple looked like the most perfect and beautiful couple of all time where one day she saw that the girl from the 'happy' couple was kissing another man, and that she disappeared days later.

Rachel later also found out that she was there when the incident happened - when the disappearance of the girl happened. But she couldn't remember anything at all because she was so drunk (oh no)!

I'm not really good at writing book reviews but I really enjoyed this book, the ending took me by surprise and I have to give praise to Paula Hawkins for writing such an incredible book! Definitely one of the best books I've ever read!

Get the Girl on the Train here.

What have you been reading recently?

A x

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