9 April 2015

I've read so much about others getting what we call "writer's block" and never thought that one day I would face this sooner, I kept thinking that I would get it one day but then it just happened and you can't do anything, you know?

As you may have noticed that I haven't been posting much, I've been facing "writer's block" recently and I was also busy studying for my upcoming tests and preparing for assignments etc over my Easter break but also with a friend visiting from Hatfield, I didn't have any time to try to sit down and write.

Things I've been doing when I get writer's block are that...
ᐅ I go out for walks. It relaxes me to know that it's spring and I love walking around beautiful Cambridge because it's just so beautiful. Also to find an excuse to go for shopping haha! *inserts flying money emoji*

ᐅ I dress up. Because it's spring I've dressed up in just a dress and a leather jacket yesterday and I feel so happy because I can stop wearing leggings, jeans, jumpers and ditchin' my winter boots for sandals! I also do hope that the weather doesn't turn cold suddenly though!

ᐅ I eat. I love food, I love hot chocolate (my favourite's now Costa's Hot Chocolate, sorry Starbucks!), and I also have recently found a cafe that does homemade ice cream and I've had 2 HUGE scoops and it just made me feel so much better. I'm actually drooling while I was writing this.. mmmm.

I try to read. Reading calms me too, if you're wondering. I write down any inspirations I can find so that I won't forget if I reach writer's block ever again. I mean, I love fiction but I also like reading magazines like Glamour, Elle etc (I'm a really girly girl okay?), but I also have been reading Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes that I've purchased in September and she really gives good advice.

I take an amazing bath. I love baths but sadly I don't get to take them much because I don't have a bathtub in where I live, but I visited my dad in London a few weeks ago (that was when I actually started having writer's block) and I had this amazing bath thanks to the lovely bath bomb "Rose Bombshell" from Lush and I just felt super happy that I did!

What do you do when you get writer's block?

A x
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