18 May 2015

After a whole year of testing primers out I have finally round up to a post of good primers that I've been using over the past year and here they are. One shall never put on foundation without using a primer..

I have been religiously using primers ever since I started wearing makeup because I didn't want the makeup to sink into my skin directly [if that makes any sense]. The one I've been loving most is the NARS Pro Prime Multi-Protect SPF30 Primer; it has served me well throughout the past year and honestly I can say it's the best one of all, the texture is not as thick and heavy as many others, it's non-coloured [white], non-greasy and it provides SPF! So what is not to love?

The Stila One Step Correct Corrector has a very odd packaging with 3 different colour elements to target every problem on your skin. In other words, they cover the red spots, the blemish scars, the dark circles etc.. I was sceptical at first if I wanted to try it because it just looks so unique from many others but it did not disappoint. The consistency is not too thick and heavy as well, and I saw the difference of before applying and after applying - my face looks smoother!

Then it was when the era of The Body Shop All-in-One Instablur Perfector rises, where I've heard about so many reviews endlessly by many bloggers claiming of its mattifying consistency and how it's masked out the imperfections. It was okay in my opinion, it's a bit quite similar to the Benefit's Porefessional I must say, mattifying and blurring out imperfections? Hmm.

Last but not least, I've picked this one up because of the good raving reviews and it's the Max Factor FaceFinity All Day SPF20 Primer. It's in a gel and watery consistency and it's easy to apply on the face. It just somehow makes my skin glow while it blurs out the imperfections and also providing SPF at the same time. Sounds familiar to the NARS Pro Prime? Quite. Perhaps it's the dupe version of it!

Have you tried any of these yet? What are your favourite primers?

A x
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