4 May 2015

I've been a blogger for a year now, and I've discovered so many beauty and skincare brands and of course, some are worth the splurge and well... some aren't. And in this post we're looking at the brands worth splurging for.

The Body Shop - I've been exposed to The Body Shop since I was a teen and I've always loved the scents of their body butter but never really explored further than that. Recently though I'm starting to give it more attention now and here are some recommendations.

Lush - Back home in Malaysia we don't have Lush. Yep. Truth revealed, it only exists in the UK (I think), and when I came here last September and my, have I discovered one of the best brands ever. I love more of their body products as I didn't want to use too many different products on my face [don't want to go back to the cystic acne period do we..]. What else can I say more? It's organic too!

Clinique - I started using Clinique when I was 15 thanks to my never-ending hormonal-cystic-acne period as my mother has recommended me to see the dermatologist at the counter and she gave me 3-4 products (all were anti-blemish) and by the time I hit 18 I gave up and started on contraceptive pills instead to target the problem. But now I've been loving both their beauty and skincare products as they've improved so much over the years.

MAC - The first non-drugstore-but-not-too-luxe foundation that I first got was the Pro Longwear and I absolutely love it! It was a pass-it-on from my best friend because the shade was too dark on her so I bought it off her. I also tried many other products too and I must say MAC is one of the best brands ever [for makeup, of course]!
Eyeshadows in 'Sable' and 'Frost', Lipsticks in 'Ruby Woo' and 'Crème Cup'.

Kiehl's - Heard so much about their skincare line from so many of my friends but I never got to try it until I went for a good moisturiser. Holy grail - can we just. Though it's absorbed fairly quickly so I might have to up my moisturiser game!

Benefit - When I wax my eyebrows I only go to the one and only brow bar at the moment and it will definitely be the Benefit Brow Bar. I've tried many of their products as the saleslady who does my eyebrows would always recommend me every new product of my every visit and it's safe to say their products live up to their promises. Prepare for a few too many products on this one!
Roller Lash Mascara [waterproof], Big Easy Complexion Perfector SPF35 [basically BB cream], 

NARS - I adore their foundation and concealer so much I never thought I'd love a foundation so much. I haven't tried enough of their products but I do recommend some many good stuff from them.
Velvet Lip Pencil in 'Cruella' and 'Red Square', Laguna Bronzer

What are your favourite brands?

A x
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