7 May 2015

Spring spring spring! Ah how I love spring.. pastel bright nails, sheer makeup with pink and rosy cheeks etc.! I picked up some nail polishes and also would love to show you some new things...

I went over to Boots to browse through some things and of course I didn't leave empty handed. There was a promotion of all cosmetics 3-for-2 for Rimmel and I jumped at it. I picked up two bright nail polishes from the Rimmel by Rita Ora collection because why? I'm a sucker at nail polishes and everything beauty!

The shades I picked up were Neon Fest and Port-A-Loo-Blue from the Rita Ora by Rimmel collection (and of course kicking the non-seasonal one out for now), as shown in the pictures they're very thick in texture and consistency, they dry up pretty quickly [that's why they were called 60 Seconds Super Shine]. One coat and you're all set! Though I like my nails in at least 2 layers I can say that these pretty much live up the standards that I have set for them.

Have you tried any of these from the collection yet?

A x
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