21 May 2015

I've been binge watching on TV series lately I don't even know why is it legal for one to binge watch for 12 hours straight when one is supposed to complete one's essay or study for final examinations? And let me tell ya folks, Netflix is one heck of a bad influence (ha just joking, I love Netflix!)!

Anyhow, I figured that I've been binge watching TV series on Netflix for so many weeks I thought that you might want to rewatch your favourite TV series again.

Gossip Girl
I'm a late bloomer for TV shows and recently I've just started binge watching every famous TV show and now I've come to Gossip Girl. Of course, who doesn't want to be socialites like Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald or Chuck Bass? I admit I do by just watching it, heck I'm addicted! I binge-watched this and I've watched 4 seasons in less than a week! Gosh!

Also, don't forget Friends. Again I have not yet started watching this [cue the 'oh my, what?!', 'I can't believe it!'].. Sorry, I was not exposed in an environment where TV time was necessary for me when I was younger so I was never really a TV person but I can get very addicted to TV shows once I start getting addicted to them. I will get it started once I finish my final exams and essay and get home! Hoorah!

Orange is the New Black
Can we just appreciate Miss Rosa at the end of Season 2? She's just so bada*s! I love this TV series so much I can't even tell you how addicted I am; and can we just mention that the new season is coming in June?!?! I. CAN'T. WAIT.

American Horror Story
Let's just not forget this one. I LOVE IT. Honestly, they are quite twisted [with all the gore etc.], but I'm just so eager to see what happens next and well, of course they didn't disappoint. Who knew Ryan Murphy could want a huge change like this? Don't forget, another season is coming out in October *wink wink*!

What are your favourite TV series to watch?

A x
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