14 June 2015

A few months ago I've done a post series of my favourite bloggers, but I didn't think that that was very in-depth of how much I know about them. As for those who have read a lot of my posts would know that Grace from That Grace Girl is one of my favourite bloggers (she tops my list) - with elegant writing style and beautiful pictures surrounding her site [also with the new logo - just fab!], I've decided to do a series by introducing and virtually interview her for myself and everyone to know more about the woman behind TGG.
» Tell us about yourself, Grace.
I’m the author of That Grace Girl, a website that offers intelligent beauty content to the modern woman. I’m based in Manchester and am currently studying for a Masters in History.

» How did you come up with the name of That Grace Girl?
Very uninspiringly it’s been my social media handle since my online presence began! Starting out as a personal blog, the website has since gained the purpose and meaning which you will now find attributed to the name in the site’s Manifesto [read]. That Grace Girl is no longer about me, she is the women who read my blog.

» What inspires you to write on your site?
So so many things. Essentially, a deep-rooted passion for writing combined with a long-standing love of beauty, the belief that an interest in beauty doesn’t reduce a woman’s intelligence; a desire to share my own beauty experience with other women, to connect with likeminded women, and to provide a content that offers something a bit different.

» What are your favourite things to do?
The last year has been such a busy one that these days, between work and studying, writing is usually the only thing I have time to do! I was working really long hours leading up to Christmas and I’d be up at 6am researching for essays, working [in retail] during the day, and then writing for TGG the second I got in through the door at 10pm. If a vacant Sunday afternoon presents itself however you’ll most likely find me catching up on my reading in a coffee shop, exploring the city with one of my best friends, or indulging in some much needed home-spa time. I hate not being busy so I very rarely just sit and watch TV or browse the internet. Spa-time is probably my most indulgent relaxing activity because it’s the only one where I feel like I’m doing something productive - I’m usually making notes on the products for my blog. I love to travel though, and of an evening I enjoy nothing more than to go dancing and enjoy some creatively named cocktails!

» What are your favourite beauty or skincare brands?
For skincare I love Aēsop, Eve Lom, and La Roche-Posay - they’re the ones I couldn't possibly live without. Aēsop do great hair and body products as well, and I adore & Other Stories for beautifully scented body lotions and scrubs. Makeup-wise, Nars is a firm favourite, I love Chanel for the luxury, MAC for the variety, and RMK and SUQQU have some gorgeous pieces.

It would have to be Chanel - the first makeup pieces I ever bought up were Chanel, and it’s the only makeup my mum wears, so I think I was pretty much born with my allegiance established! I do love MAC, but I never really went through that teen MAC phase so mostly I just utilise it for select products - the little known gems are always the best.

» What would you say to aspired beauty bloggers?
It’s a massive cliche, but write content that you want to read and don’t be afraid to be different - that is literally the only thing I keep in mind when I’m planning content for TGG. It’s without a doubt the best way to stand out because you’re able to put your personality across with complete authenticity. I think for me, as a reader of blogs, there was this moment when I realised that everyone was writing about the same overhyped, always sold out drugstore products; you see the same reviews and the same titles appear in your Bloglovin’ feed day after day. It made me think, why just follow the crowd when in thinking outside the box and broadening your horizons, you could find something that nobody’s heard of, or that everybody overlooks? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option, its about finding a product that works for you or that you enjoy using, and if that means investing a bit more money, then you’re most likely investing in a brand with a heritage, and a level of quality that extends to its ingredients lists, its employee wages, and its ethical and environmental practices. And it’s not about having an entire luxury skincare routine, it’s all about balance; for a lot of women, myself included, beauty is a form of indulgence and escapism. That’s what TGG is about really, the fact that you can come in from a tough day at work, clean the bathroom, write 2000 words on urban development in Victorian cities, send 65738210 emails [gross exaggeration], cook dinner, and then get really bloody excited about using your Sisley face mask. Essentially, I guess I could sum up that entire paragraph by saying “don’t be a sheep”.

» What are your favourite/cult products?
Eve Lom Cleanser - This does everything; removes makeup, deeply cleanses, exfoliates, tones, and hydrates. I absolutely adore it, it’s worked miracles upon my skin.
L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara [waterproof here]- I’ve used it since I was 16 and it’s still the best mascara I’ve ever used. Volume length, longevity, all boxes ticked.
No7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude - Best lip liner ever. The colour is a spot-on nude.

Aēsop Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask - This leaves my face smoother and softer than anything else, all my best friends own one because I can never stop going on about it.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution - I can’t imagine removing my makeup without a micellar water. There are some great dupes but Bioderma is the best, especially if you have sensitive eyes as I do.
MAC Waterproof Brow Set - I have quite an extensive brow routine, but on a minimal day it all boils down to this.

Eve Lom Brightening Cream - Before using this I’d never really met a moisturiser that had really wowed me. This is incredible, it’s so plumping, instantly hydrating, and is amazing at lightening scars and marks. I’m already onto my second tub.

I would also have included the La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel, [which saved my skin after a nasty breakout of hormonal acne] but it’s being discontinued so is increasingly harder to find. I’m heartbroken but have stocked up.

» Any plans for the summer?
Uni is on hold until September so I’m channelling all of my time and energy into TGG. I’ve been fiddling around with the web design, trying to teach myself to code, and naturally doing a lot of planning, photographing, and writing! I’m also working on a project with Bridie [of Maison Ellis], which is hopefully going to see the light of day very soon! It’s proving really fun working as a team; Bridie and I have a lot in common and we have the exact same vision for what we want to create so we keep bombarding each other with ideas and going “Oh my god I was thinking the exact same thing”! I like to be busy so I’m still getting up super early and working late, it doesn’t feel as much like a summer break as previous years! I’m going abroad for a few weeks in July and August to France and Spain though so it will be nice to have some time off, and then in September I’m moving into a new flat with my best friend, so I’m already looking forward to the autumn!


A BIG, BIG thank you to Grace for her time to answer these questions! It's great to see someone so inspired and so motivated about providing very, very in-depth, honest and creative content for her readers when she's constantly so busy! And that's one of the reasons I really, really admire her. So much love!

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Have you read Grace's blog before? Who are your favourite bloggers?
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