4 June 2015

We all know that summer is here and surely most of us would want to have a Victoria's Secret bikini body by then or that you have set a fitness goal for yourself, so in this post today I would like to talk about being fit.

I joined the gym sometime last October and trust me when I say I am not a very sporty person even though I do play the badminton and I used to play squash. If you ask me to play any sports last year I would have told you no. I know it can be very hard for some people when they're just starting to push themselves and I think it's slightly unhealthy for your body that you're suddenly pushing yourself so hard. Here are a few tips to help you.

Please note that I am not a professional in sports, but I'm just speaking based on personal experiences and I hope you'll join and share with me of your tips and experiences. I do not bulk so I don't recommend protein shakes etc..

BEGINNER'S LUCK: Start small, start slow. 
If you're going to exercise/to the gym for the first few times, try to start at a slower pace, that way the chances that you would get fatigue would be smaller. For example, if you're going on a treadmill for cardio (and depending on your machine's scale of either kph/miles), run or jog at the speed of 8.0kph for let's say 2-3 minutes, do a power walk at 6.0-6.5kph for about 3 minutes, then move your way up gradually to 8.0 again or higher and so on. If you're going on weight-lifting, try the machines first instead of the real deal, that way you can adjust the scales and move your way up.

THE WATER LEVEL: H2O intake is important.
I think it's key to avoid getting out of breath in a way. Make sure you get enough intake of water before or after your workout, I did learned the hard way of not remembering to bring a water bottle to the gym for a few times. Also keep in mind that your body consists of 80% of water!

FOR BETTER COMFORT: Invest in a good pair of running/sports shoes & good workout clothes.
My old pair of running shoes was a cheap pair of Nike (I used to didn't think I would use it much in the long run) and as a result it didn't serve my feet very well, as it brought cramps and discomfort to my feet; so I would advise you to invest your money in a good pair if you've decided to do it for the long run, in the picture here was shown a new pair of running shoes that I have decided to finally invest on the Nike Roshe Run [herehere, here and here]. It has brought me so much comfort and stabilisation that I think it's worth it. When it comes to workout clothes, I tend to wear old t-shirts but I would invest in good jogger pants and some tops to allow the skin to breathe through while I sweat (TMI!).

UPPING THE GAME: Research about other techniques of workout.
Only when you've done the basics enough and you think you want to go for more intense ones, go for it. I would say do some research either online or by reading fitness magazines. I really like reading Women's Health for more helpful tips on working out and also includes good recipes for detoxing (yum!).

BALANCING THE DIET: Detox and eat healthily.
Hey, just because you're exercising it doesn't mean you can junk out although I do admit I sometimes do it. As you do more exercising you would try to reach for more unhealthy food and I always find it easier to reach for juices and recently I purchased the recipe book 'Juice: Cleanse. Heal. Revitalize: 100 Nourishing Recipes and Simple Juice Fasts' by Rosemary Ferguson. I would recommend if you're looking for a detoxing guide and also homemade juices for any other purposes (bloated, hangovers, etc.). You can buy the book here on Amazon.

What are your fitness tips? Share your experiences with me!

A x
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