11 June 2015

Whenever my skin gets dehydrated, stressed or dry, I love a good facial and pampering sessions [note: facial masks, Netflix and a good ol' cup of tea].

With its hefty price tag, the Supermud mask with charcoal as its key ingredient lives up to its name. With its AHA and BHA it balances out the pH balance for better results. Its use is to target all skin concerns, to brighten and smoothen the skin while it minimises the pores, reduces redness and targets blemishes. It's ideal for those who have blemish-prone skin and for treating pores. It's a bit drying after use and I would recommend a hydrating face mask or moisturiser afterwards.

A personal favourite of all, the mask is moisturising and anti-oxidising while it targets blemishes. A traditional remedy of New Zealand Maori people, manuka honey, draws moisture powerfully to the skin and hydrates it intensely. Fragrances of vanilla pod and mandarin linger to bring peace and balance to the mind and soul.

One of the best selling products from Origins, the 10-minute mask serves to target blemish prone skin and banish all impurities, it's well-known for its key ingredients - zinc oxide and sulfur, calming camphor and skin-sloughing — to reduce oily-shine, while banishing sticky, dead cells. The mask too, refines rough texture and prevents. It's suitable best for oily and combination skin.

Another best-selling mask from Origins, it's promised to clear out sebums and blemishes with the key ingredient active charcoal while the white china clay draws out environmental impurities like dirt for the skin to breathe. Similar to the Supermud treatment, this is a more affordable version of it. I personally find this working better on my skin compared to the Out of Trouble. Expect the skin to be dry after use, top up with a hydrating mask after.

The most affordable mask on the list, it serves to draws out all impurities from the skin to minimise breakouts and pores. A dupe to the Supermud mask as well as Clear Improvement, it suits best for those who want to try out clay masks before you invest in the others.

Another Origins mask has lived up to its fame and this mask was a collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil, the mask was created to target redness of the skin and hydrates the skin, and it also has promised to restore luminosity on the skin to create a more youthful complexion. Suitable for both dehydrated and dry skins.

A new investment, this mask too, serves to detox the skin and clear out all impurities. Unlike the other clay masks, the texture is significantly thinner but yet does the job very well. It doesn't strip the skin of its impurities while all its ingredients are botanical and au natural. Expect some breakouts after the few first uses.

What masks do you use for pampering sessions?

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