1 June 2015

As the summer sun rises at 4 in the morning, it's time for me to depart home on this very day (I'm catching the flight later in the afternoon as I'm typing this right now) and I am super excited to be home to be reunited with family and loved ones. But then I thought, our hearts are like the plane, it goes whenever you want to go. So here's also why you should follow your heart - just like travelling.

Why should we follow our heart? Because it wants what it wants. I'm sure you would have heard about that quote by now, though I'm not sure who said it but I find it very, very true.

It leads you to better things.
Point number one. I know sometimes following your heart means doing things you might not want to do, but trust me, it will lead to better and bigger things, better than you'll ever expect.

Because you learn to take risks.
Following your heart means taking big risks, and I know it can be scary because I get adrenaline rushes when I feel like I'm taking chances on following my heart and also because I'm nervous and excited about what is coming next.

You gain experiences from it.
It's true, you know. After the above two points, the best thing ever you'll learn or gain in this matter is that you'll gain experiences from it - whether if it's a good one or a bad one, they shape you and guide you on to a better path.

You mature from life experiences.
That's how we grow up, I guess. Moving on from the past, taking chances and gaining experiences surely would help you mature, even if it just takes up a tiny part of it. Because that's how we know if we've matured is when we think and act differently from before. You see the changes, and others will too.

Let's all hope for a better future by following our hearts. Do you always follow your heart?

A x
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