14 July 2015

Nude nail polishes for someone's Asian skin-tone like mine are hard to come by and when it does, I think I feel the necessity to share with everyone. It's pretty sad to say that nude coloured nail polishes for Asian skin-tones aren't quite the big deal as fun fact: 60% of the world population are Asians.

If you've read my previous Weekly Ventures [III] post, I talked about finding one of the best nudes in which I think would suit every skin-tone in the whole wide world. In today's post I'm shedding light on the best nude I've found.

NAILS INC. have been producing nail polishes since 1999 and I would say that it is one of the best high-end nail polish brand that I've ever come across. Stand aside, OPI and Butter, NAILS INC is in town for Angeline. I have to honestly say that OPI does not give me the "ooh"s and "ahhh"s with their nail polishes as I find them drying up very quickly from the bottle itself and it still chips off, as the same happened to Butter.

The only nude that I've been talking about is called Porchester Square, a really elegant name for a gorgeous textured nude. I've been searching for great nudes the past year as I will have to be honest, I've never worn nude shades before; partly also because most of them never suit my skin tone.

Anyhooow, I hope you enjoy this short post!

Have you tried this nail polish before? What are your favourite nude shades?

A x
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