9 July 2015

Since I did a post on Beauty & Skincare Brands Worth Buying, I personally think that it is only fair if I do a post on drugstore brands for anyone who prefers using drugstore products, or you've just ventured into the beauty world; you've stumbled upon the right post.


I adore Maybelline and their amazing mascaras, but the past few years Maybelline have been upping their game so much in lip lacquers, eyebrows, eyes, etc. that I've been venturing out more on Maybelline's beauty section. My personal favourite picks are the Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye Concealer and also the Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara, the concealer covers up dark circles amazingly without ever being too cakey or thick as the sponge dispenses the right amount for you to blend it out; and the Brow Drama does almost the same tricks that the Benefit Gimme Brow does, though not as thick as Gimme Brow, it does give the eyebrows more of a natural look without over-filling your sparse gaps and brow hairs.


Not sure if Body Shop falls under the drugstore category to all, but in my honest opinion it quite is. I love using their body butter range [so creamy, so dreamy], and I submitted to trying more of their products and I really like using the All-in-One Instablur Perfecting Blur Primer as my pores are getting annoyingly obvious thanks to the humid weather that I'm currently living in.


The only drugstore brand brushes that I'm willing to invest in is this, and though they've upped their game by introducing the expensive new brushes, I prefer to invest in the core collection as well as the duo-fibre collection. To me, if I wanted to splurge and invest on expensive brushes I would do in Zoeva and also MAC; but for Real Techiques I very much love their Expert Face Brush, Foundation Brush, and also their Duo-Fibre set.


The French drugstore skincare brand that I only invest in; they have upped their game by introducing the new Physiological range though I've never tried any products from the range yet. I swear by their Serozinc Facial Toner as it's the only toner that I'm currently using at the moment. Its properties of mattifying the skin and controlling the forming or growth of blemishes are the key features of this toner. I can't stress enough of the importance of good skincare regime as the saying, "the less the better". I use this day and night post-cleanse and pre-moisturise, and that's basically it. I also would recommend the Effaclar Duo+ to those who are battling blemishes.


To be honest, I only loved their lipsticks because, just because they're so pigmented and they don't smudge all over your face. I tried their True Match foundation [it was my first foundation to try when I was sixteen years old] but it was never forgotten, though I tried it again months ago and it was a little bit disappointing on my skin (possibly it was my skin's fault anyway); but what I haven't let go of from the brand itself is the Exclusive Collection Color Riche Lipstick by Blake - Blake Lively's Famous Pure Red. One of my favourite bold red lipsticks that I wouldn't be letting go any time soon.


You may be surprised but I actually think that the Sephora collection didn't get shed much light [sans the makeup brushes, of course]. I have been using their Colorful Shadow & Liner in Taupe for a while, a taupe coloured shimmery shade for the eye-brightening look, and this might come to no surprise for all who love lip stains - the Creamy Matte Lip Stain in Bold Red. It lasts all-day-long, and is too, one of my favourite reds!

These are honestly just my opinions of drugstore brands that I think are worth buying, but be sure to recommend me any other brands that you think are worth buying!

What are your favourite drugstore brands?

A x
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