26 July 2015

There will be a transition for the Sunday post on ANGERAWRS. Changing from Weekly Ventures to Life Updates, I'll be updating about my life once a month instead of every week so I'll leave more space for Sunday posts [still remembering the 'no post on Sundays' quote from the first Harry Potter movie..] with more topics to take you on adventures with me.

This weekend I've been spending it with my friends on a short getaway trip to a place called Cameron Highlands. Fancy name, don't you think? The place is famous for the BOH Tea that my country exports, which I am in love with. Imagine a greenery of beautiful farms full of tea leaves, strawberries and lovely mini cacti to bring home with. I can never get tired of this place, though the car ride may have made me very sleepy. The photo of the post you're looking at is the hill plantations of the amazing tea.

On to my travel bag this weekend...


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Anything interested this week for you?

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