16 July 2015

While many of the people that I know are blessed with beautiful, flawless skin, a majority of us do suffer from acne; while some may get hormonal zits, others would receive cystic from hell. Imagine a girl getting pimples at the age of 15 and still suffers to this day when she may be 25. On today's post I want to shed some light on the talk of it.

I suffer from getting acne since I was 9 years old; my first zit, as I recall, was on the tip of my nose(!!!). Imagine how I felt back then. I had suffered from having acne since then, tried many skincare products [mainly the Clinique Anti-Blemish range] and have been until I consulted with a dermatologist to stop them by taking the pill for a few months, and it worked.

After I stopped taking them, the crazy acne start to attack my skin once again a year later. Sure, they start to appear less but a few formed like cystic would have been a great deal for me; until now, be rest assured that my skin is getting significantly better with only one or two cystic zits, also with the constant skincare regime where I only use a few products as I believed that "the less the better" and I will be honest that I'm on the pill to control my hormones because they're always so irregular and that was why I had to battle with acne.

I will have to repeat this again as I am no way an expert in any of this, and I talk about this because I think it may help some of you who have been battling acne all their lives, because I have. I'm 21 years old and I have been in a constant long battle with acne for 12 years.


Oh yes, the main key point to clearer skin is to break down to just a few products. Expect to only use a cleanser (includes makeup remover, that is), a clarifying or mattifying toner, pre-moisturise serum [though I wouldn't really recommend one unless your skin is dehydrated or dry], a moisturiser, an eye cream. Many people put at least 6 products on their face per routine in one day and I count that as ridiculous.
Try: Clarisonic MIA 2; Eve Lom Cleanser; La-Roche Posay Serozinc Toner; Clinique Anti-Blemish Clinical Clearing Gel; Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque


I find that there are so many people out there who kept on slapping new skincare products onto their skin (I was one of them!) and hence their skin gets worse in time. What I want to say is that, use only the products you know that work on you; don't get conformed by what all the other top Youtubers are using because, a lot of products work differently on everyone. If you've been sticking to this skincare where you know works for you, then stick to it.


Do you know? Our skin changes over different seasons; my skin gets combination to oily when it comes to Summer but over winter and spring, my skin just becomes normal to dry. So yeah, switch up some products work different skin types; expect a few breakouts over the seasonal change and on product switching but it will transform your skin.


You know the saying that goes: "Drink 8 glasses of water per day." That may sound common to many as water consumption isn't a problem but for me, I'm that person who doesn't drink much water; not because that I don't want to, but I just don't think I need to... Not until now anyway, I've been drinking more water per day whenever I feel thirsty and would always keep a bottle with me wherever I go. Water consumption is important for a good natural body detox as it will hydrate your skin and organs.


This could be the hardest for everyone, we all are tempted to consuming junk food, snacks, fast food etc. and this could also be one of the reasons for the breakouts. Diet is important and there, too, was a saying: "You are what you eat." Kind of true. Eat more vegetables and less oily foods, like chips etc..


When the worse comes to worst, that you have tried everything and your skin still remains the same, then probably it's time to consult a dermatologist to root out the problem. Whether it's hormonal or environmental, I think consuming medicine to fight down acne is one of the best solutions.

The need to take care of your skin is crucial because skin is the largest organ in our body; but of course, I might be wrong in some of the points but they are all written based on my personal journey and I hope that you might somehow find it useful.

What are your thoughts on acne?

A x
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