12 July 2015

This week I've been busy as my birthday just went past this week and I had one of the best birthdays ever. I guess when they say you turn 21, you know you have gotten all the best things in life.

I've learned so many things throughout these past 21 years, and I'm grateful for having such an amazing family and wonderful close and best friends. Sure, the older you get the more you know that not everyone you know is your friend, and that a few close friends who know you best are more than enough - and that I agree.
Also, thank you to everyone who wished me in the comments as well as on Twitter etc., I had such a fabulous day with so many surprises that I didn't expect to receive from my friends! I'm also guessing that this was the look that I have done on my birthday, you can read the post here.

As you all may have known that I'm a contact lens wearer, Optrex* has reached out to me and sent me a few samples that I would like to share with you guys today. As a frequent contact lens wearer my eyes tend to get dry very easily, in which I find their Rehydrating Eye Drops work well on my eyes as they do not sting as much as so many other eyedrops do. When my eyes get very tired from wearing glasses at home because I'm constantly on my laptop, tablet and on the phone, their Eye Spray is brilliant for that. Sometimes when I'm on a girls night out I love putting on the Sparkling Eye Drops to make myself look more refreshed. For more information about Optrex and their eye-care products, you can read on full details about their products here.

Also, a sneaky look onto my beauty shelf is welcomed!


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Anyhow, I'm going to stay in [as I usually do] and watch Netflix while I sip on my favourite earl grey tea and painting my nails!

How has your week been?
A x
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*PR samples

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