18 August 2015

Laneige, a South Korean beauty brand has been around since 1994 - while their products are all about minimal and yet effective, I've been sucked into a few of their amazing products that I wasn't able to let go, though there is only one product from the brand I have been using and loving for a couple of years now.

With their philosophy of clean and sophisticated beauty, Laneige promotes the confidence among women of their youth, energy and beauty; while allowing the skin to be hydrated and healthy. They believe that water is the source of life and also is the key to youthful skin.

First up, I've been adoring the BB Cushion for a couple of years - it is the BB Cushion that Korean cosmetics have been revolutionised to create; BB cream in a cushion that glides on the skin like a dream, while it hydrates your skin as it glows on the skin as though you woke up like this. Blendable coverage and you only need a little bit of concealing, it is the BB Cushion that is worth all your hearts and your investment.

The Power Essence Skin Refiner for Sensitive Skin has been one of the best toners I have ever used; it is one of a kind. It exfoliates the skin properly without leaving any residue behind with a gentle touch. Use it post-cleanse with a cotton pad and your skin will thank you with a glow that shows up like a miracle.

With sensitive skin it has openly invite big and ugly pores that reside on the skin while it wasn't even suppose to be invited at all. I resort to trying out the Pore Clear Essence that it has been evicting these pores ever since. While it doesn't just pop out and banish, with a gentle squeeze on the pores the blackheads and whiteheads will then have to leave their hiding place.

As Laneige has promised to hydrate the skin, their creation of the Water Sleeping Pack [mask] has attracted a lot of recognition as they believe that your skin needs hydration even when you are asleep; this has miraculously reduced a lot of wrinkles that have been appearing the past year as they tighten my skin with such a cooling effect, which then I wake up to plump and hydrated skin.

Have you tried anything from Laneige?

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