16 August 2015

Many of us are blessed with hair that is straight, smooth and also silky but many of us do suffer with wavy hair that is just like a tsunami and wouldn't be able to untangle it once you let it air-dry naturally without using a hairdryer, or natural curls that you won't want there and you kept straightening it; what more damage could be done for those of us who adore hair dyeing to colours we love. It all comes to a result worse than your worst nightmare ‒ hair damage.

The Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is my current go-to for my damaged and dyed hair, as it's long and having tons of split ends while it gets tangled more frequently than it should.. An instant hair repair serum packed with organic ingredients like quinoa protein and wheat protein as well as soy oil for instant repair on damaged ends, against heat styling and detangling respectively.

Also packed with organic essential oils including bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang, these ingredients are meant to provide an uplifting aroma while working its way into the hair for repair. It could be use alone after hair wash before blow-drying, but I have been topping it off with another hair serum focusing on the ends of the hair.

I find myself not giving more TLC to my hair as I always leave it to dry by either using a very high-power hair dryer or just leave it to the natural drying method but now I'm determined to care for it more than I should because our hair is important too, isn't it?

It has a special spot on my dresser as it is not just a newfound love for my hair but also a favourite in my haircare stash!

Have you tried this before?

A x
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