10 September 2015

Introducing the new mask from Origins that has been a game-changer, that I've been using it all month and tested it as my skin is sensitive and oily; and I have to tell you that this is the only mask you'll need for the rest of this year.

The Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay is the new release by Origins skincare, in which has been my favourite 'mask' brand (if that term actually exists!) for a long time now.

It is a mask for better- and smoother-looking skin which it removes the dead cells and diminishes enlarged pores for a brighter complexion; which is when the exfoliating kicks in. It's basically a 2-in-1 mask, where it contains rose clay for [almost] any imperfections on the skin while it includes tiny bead particles for a good exfoliation. I use it only once a week to prevent any harsh effects on the skin.

Now I have to say that my skin is always sensitive and it reacts to exfoliators, because most of the time they're always so harsh on my skin. And to be honest I was a bit sceptical to try this mask out because of the exfoliators but then: it proved me wrong. My skin became smoother and even in terms of the skintone, and there was no sign of any harsh reaction between my skin and the exfoliator.

So it is one of the masks I really liked, and I would recommend it to anyone even with sensitive skin, although it is suitable for all skin types!

Have you tried this mask?

A x
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