20 October 2015

I have loved many, many beauty products since I was introduced to the world of beauty but of course, things work differently on different people and I find myself nodding my head at some products that are basically cult essentials that I can never not repurchase - on today's post I will be speaking about a few of my cult beauty essentials. Also stay tuned until the end for a small giveaway!


Having this for a good 7 bottles now maybe (?!), it is the best (read: only) facial toner that I will ever go back to over and over again. This French drugstore skincare product may seem like it may be just a toner, it is not just a toner. It mattifies the skin after cleansing and acts as a shield of protection between the skin and anything else out of it, like dust, pollution etc.. But it is also great to use as a refreshing spray because, La Roche Posay.


Boy oh boy. Since the discovery of light argan oil my skin has wanted nothing but this light argan oil as a face moisturiser - it basically ditched every single other facial moisturiser that I have ever tried. My skin has never gotten better with this facial moisturiser (+ also with the regular skincare routine that actually works), and I know that most of us would usually freeze at the sound of argan oil, but this light oil works so well that my skin absorbs it very quickly, leaving my skin plumpy and hydrated.


I think any of you who have tried this lip balm would agree that it just works amazingly well. With the transition of the seasons I feel like winter has already replaced what should seemingly be autumn! My lips get super dehydrated and cracked on weathers like this and while the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a great (and the ultimate) substitute for when at home, I always reach out to the Dior lip balm as it's super moisturising on the lips, smells like vanilla and has a sheer tint on it so your lips would look nothing but naturally rosy!


I don't wear foundations as much anymore but when I do, I always reach out for this foundation primer. Whichever primers I have used in the past would always somehow break my skin out, though I love the MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion SPF50 that I have used 3 years ago, this new primer is the one I would go for. I'm always sceptical to try out new primers but I have let my guard down to try this one and I don't regret it - the thin texture that comes out mattifies my skin before foundation and my foundation lasted longer than usual and also, no break outs!


Whenever I wear foundations I would reach for this or the Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation (which is another fantastic foundation that I really love) whenever I want to achieve the sheer glow on the skin, its medium-to-full coverage is just fabulous with the texture that isn't really too thick for the skin - this will never break my skin out or leave any dry patches on the skin. But when I need a matte foundation I would go for the Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum foundation, no regrets, seriously.


If there is one prep spray that I will need to pick other than the MAC Fix+, this will be it. Different than their usual setting sprays, it's infused with B6 vitamin and can be used post-moisturise as pre-makeup and refreshing spray but also as a setting spray on its own. What I like about this is that it gives the refreshing mist rather than choky (I accidentally breathed in the other setting spray once) and other than making the makeup last longer, it doesn't trigger my skin so no breakouts!


I think this is the one palette that everyone would love. A palette full of both neutral and smoky and shimmery shades, what's not to love? You can go with a neutral eye makeup by day and rock your smoky makeup by night. It's the perfect palette for both worlds and I haven't really used all the shades yet (I'm saving it up for a good occasion, say, Halloween?) but they're all very pigmented and smooth and they glide on the eyelids very well [I'd use the eyeshadow primer potion first!] and your eye makeup will last all day long!


A new discovery that I found a month ago and have been testing it out ever since. Honestly it works better than the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner even though it was one of my holy grail eyeliners, the Eyeko liquid eyeliner has topped the list of my favourite eyeliners! It is super waterproof that I'd had to dab the cotton pads with cleansing water on my eyelids for at least a good minute before swiping it off. "Its nib is perfect to create the flawless cat eye flick" said Alexa Chung, which is oh-so-amazing!


I love all eye makeup items waterproof and it is no surprise that the Urban Decay mascara has topped the list of my favourite mascaras too. Many mascaras that claim to be waterproof, aren't as waterproof as they claim to be. However, the Urban Decay mascara has proven its loyalty and it doesn't just lengthens my lashes, but also volumises my lashes while the curl lasted the whole day and also: it's waterproof.


Actually, I would take all the shades any day. But I'm collecting them because they're super smooth and rich on the lips I just cannot contain my love for this lip balm. I was really sceptical about trying it during the first few times, fearing that it might cause my lips an allergic reaction but I was stunned by how smooth and moisturising this lip balm is; I would pick all the shades over the original one (that is without any tint at all) as for the price I could get any shade I want! It still doesn't beat the Dior Lip Glow but this certainly is a cheaper option compared to Dior.


Okay okay, this is the last essential product now, promise. I can't believe I've included so many products on this post but clearly just how many products one person can love and also be favourited! Right, so this is my first NARS lipstick (I know, I know) and I chose the shade Olivia because the bold red shade is just what I needed most of the time - I cannot function without a red lipstick! It's very smooth on the lips and it doesn't really budge unless you wipe your lips very vigorously. Also did I mention that the cover is magnetic too?!

So, for my 300 follower count on Bloglovin', I never got the chance to thank everyone for your constant support. I know 300 is nothing to be honest but it really means a lot to me so I'm running a giveaway to give away Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliners and La Roche Posay Serozinc Toner for 2 winners! Once again, it's not much but it's my way of saying 'thank you'!

Okay it's easy, you just have to follow the instructions on the giveaway and it will run for ONE MONTH! It ends on the 20th of November so be sure to come back and add up your chances of winning the eyeliner! Good luck!

What are your favourite cult beauty products?

P/S: Also expect news this coming Thursday (you're already looking at it!)

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