15 October 2015

I'm no British, no. I'm born and raised a Malaysian. But I made the life decision to move abroad 6583 miles away from home just to further my studies by the age of 19, which is a pretty tough choice to make to be honest with you, as I was juggling with heading to the United States of America (which is even further, with that I salute my friends who are there) and coming here. That being said, now that I have been at university for my Second Year, I ought to just chat with you of my life here and what studying and moving abroad has taught me.

I know that most of the UK that I have met are usually quite independent and have usually done most of what I'm about to say, but for a lot of us especially from abroad, some may get lonely and may even feel leftout, don't.

1. You have to learn to be independent, if you haven't learned that already.
What university telling you that they want to make you feel at home here, life is certainly different when you're alone. It's not a bad thing that no one is there for you (I'm talking about being independent); sure, there will be people helping you on the way, like your personal tutor, lecturers, classmates etc., but you will have to really depend on yourself.

2. Discipline yourself even more.
At uni, life is all about being disciplined. Discipline yourself to get up to attend lectures even if it's a 9am lecture (I know a lot of people tend to skip it), discipline yourself to do pre-lecture reading, discipline yourself to do more reading; and everything, that includes self-disciplinary on finance. It's tempting to spend on new clothes etc. especially when in uni, trust me, been there done that.

3. Find a part time job.
It's kind of optional, really. But I find the best way to occupy my free time other than reading and instead of shopping most of the time, working is an awesome way to use up your free time - while you're studying, you earn more allowance. Bonus.

4. Take good care of yourself.
Important, important and important!!! One thing for us who travel from different continents, we tend to fall ill. Speaking of experiences, last year I only caught a 2-day Fresher's Flu but this time coming back here I have suffered with loss of voice on my 3rd day and a good 2 weeks of cough. So please, take good care of your body and your health.

5. Make the best out of your university life.
Something needless to say. Since you (or your parents) have paid this dear amount of fees to attend university, do make the best out of it. Make friends, travel around over the holidays, learn something new, study hard - everything counts. It's my second year and I'm starting to miss this place already, time really flies so make it count!

What have you learned through university?

A x
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