31 January 2016

Seasons change and so do my skincare routine. This season has led my skin to getting a bit drier than I thought so I've been switching up with a new cleanser but on this post, we're just going to talk about my morning skincare routine.


After hearing so many great things about this cleanser, I have finally succumbed to trying it myself as my favourite Clarins cleanser has run out and I have been keeping this cleanser by my side ever since. It's safe to say that the legacy of this cleanser has not been disappointing and is quite impressive though I'm not sure if the oily residue I encountered on my face was supposed to stay there until I wiped my face with my towel? That aside, it is a fantastic cleanser to have and to use even though the Clarins one will forever be my holy grail cleanser.


I think you may be wondering like, what, after so long and she's still only using this toner?!! Why yes, I pretty much have not switched my toner for any other toner ever since... sometime in February or March last year? Well that sure is a long time! I have planned to switch to another toner when I run out of this but I may still possibly get my automatic instincts and pick this one up instead! It is my holy grail toner and it does keep any surfacing blemishes at bay but also mattifies the skin the prevent any oily patches! Some people may use it as a refreshing spray but I only use it as a face toner.


Well yes, aside from my face toner, I still have not changed my day time moisturiser for any other one I might be interested in. Given that the weather has been cold and dry, I use this even more now. With usually 4 drops, in the winter season I've been using about 5-6 drops with the dropper and my skin has not broke out at all except for that one time when you get your PMS. Lovely oil, it could be used as hair oil as well as Argan Oil has pretty good organic functions to help your hair grow, locking the moisture in for a smooth texture.


Boy, this is my favourite eye brightener for when I wake up with dark circles under my eyes and looking like a panda, this eye treatment got my goin' for the day without looking tired at all! The texture is really creamy and yet gliding on so smooth and it's super absorbing! The feeling that it gives you is refreshing and super cooling so, no complains here. Giving you the excuse to shop online at Sephora, this is one you'll have to pick up!


I've spoke about this really recently and although it is a lip primer, it's actually also a lip balm that sets your lipstick as well so nothing smudges as you continue with your day - amazing product to use because it's just super convenient!

What are your products for skincare this winter?

A x
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