17 July 2017

I know I haven't been much of a eye cream user ever since I started putting on makeup or even when I started blogging, but gosh, I wish I had used eye cream more often and sooner. I had used the Tarte one before (link here) but sheer laziness took over. 2 years later, I found this.

This eye cream has been a life saviour when I noticed that I have wrinkles and crow feet around my eyes. What a shocker! I'm only 23 years old and I already have wrinkled around my skin so I naturally freaked out - I should have known, I put on a lot of eye makeup and I should have taken care of the skin around my eyes sooner.

But fear not - this Estēe Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing/Wrinkle Eye Cream (£42/ RM250) has been helping me prevent all those signs of ageing and hence, my dedication of a one-time post! For best results, use it AM and PM.

To be honest, I think every woman (regardless of age) should start caring for the skin around their eyes more often - in other words, use an eye cream!!!1 Do not skip this step as I understand that one tiny step can often be missed out due to sheer laziness or being too tired (I've done these before) but it is an essential element of your skincare routine.

You can get it here (UK) or here (Malaysia).

Have you used an eye cream before? Which is your favourite?

A x
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